Friday, 17 August 2007

How to stop hesitating?

I know a lot of people who hesitate and therefore don't do it. They start analyzing an thinking about what will happen and probably thinking about negative outcome or worst case scenario. And there is very good old adage - 'analysis - paralysis'.

So how to stop hesitating? The answer is simple - do it. As Susan Jeffers says in her book - Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.Even if you fail its better to fail fast. When you take action you learn something and get feedback(remember there is no failure, only feedback) and build on it.
When you take action straight away you will have an advantage because majority will still be hesitating and doing nothing.

If you have been hesitating make decision right now and do it whatever it is - start your own business, career change, sign up for the course, ask the girl you admire to go out or even get a life coach.

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Coach Andy

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