Friday, 29 June 2007

Having belief in your yourself

When you set a goal it's very important to believe that you can and will achieve your goal. Your belief should be at least 100%, otherwise you are less likely to get your goal. Lets think for a moment how can you achieve your goal if you don't believe you will achieve.I think it's impossible to achieve your goals if your don't believe in your abilities. Moreover, it's insane to do things your don't believe it's gonna work or succeed.
So trust yourself you can do it. You have resources you just need to uncover them

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Live you dream

Life coach Andy

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Goal setting

Lets talk about goals and when I say goals I mean proper, great goals. People think they have goals but what most have is wishes - I wish I lost weight, I wish to eat healthier, I'd like to have more money.... or I am going to start work out next week, I'll quit smoking next month.... you know what I am talking about. Unfortunately this wishes/goals usually never comes to reality.
So let me explain how to set great goals and achieve them.
First of all, goals must be put in writing.
Second, goals must be specific, in other words you need to know what you really want and have a vision, i.e. to make £5000 a month, 50k a year, achieve your ideal weight - 60kg. It's not a goal if it's written like that, 'I want to make more money', 'I want to lose weight'.
Third feature of a great goal is measurable - this means that goals should be broken down in small chunks in order to measure your progress towards the end result and of course at the end you must be measurable - look at your bank account, stand on the scales.... otherwise you won't know if you achieved your goal or not.
Fourth, when you set a goal you need to take full responsibility and this means you have to commit to yourself that you are going to do anything is needed in order to achieve the goal. And when you take responsibility you are in control and it's up to you to achieve the goal.
Fifth, when you set a goal it is very important to put a specific time i.e. It's 7 September 2007 I have at least 5 clients a week. Never put - tomorrow, next week,next year etc.
Finally, relate the end result with positive empowering emotions. Think how will you be feeling when you achieve your goal and when you working towards your goal always thing about the end result and the positive feelings, for instance, I am feeling self confident and fulfilled, have a lot of energy.

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Peace and peace

Life coach Andy


Saturday, 9 June 2007

Life coach versus self help books

Hello guys,

I hope you are well and today I want to talk about coach versus self help books, so lets get started.

You might say I don’t need a coach, I can read self help books, I can go to the seminar and change my life myself. Unfortunately is not true and here is the answer. You get a lot of information and knowledge from books and seminars, which is excellent but very few people are capable to put all the information into practice and take consistent action. Just think for a moment how many times you said to yourself 'I'll start going to the gym next week', 'I am gonna stop eating junkies', etc.; When time comes in 99% of case people do nothing and make excuses such as 'I am tired today', i got only 30 min. 'I'll do 1 hour tomorrow', etc. There are a few reasons for not taking action or putting off things you are suppose start doing right now. The main one is that majority of human beings are not accountable to themselves and here steps in a life coach who keeps you helps you to draw an action plan, breaks it down into small chunks and keeps you accountable.

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God bless you

Coach Andy

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Get a life coach and change your life


HI my name is Andy and I am a life coach. In this blog I will be giving free tips how to create a better and more enjoyable life.
Just in case have you know nothing about life coaching I'll briefly explain to you. Life coaching is accelerated process to success. Life coach is a person who helps you to discover your strength and weaknesses and guides you to success.
All athletes has a coach in order to achieve better result so i f you want get more of your life get a life coach too. I offer free consultation during which I'll show you how you can benefit from having a life coach. also I'll talk bout it more in the future posts.

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Live your dream

Life coach Andy